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What is This New Charge on my Car Insurance – Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance?

If your auto insurance has increased, or does increase on your next renewal, don’t be surprised. That’s because on August 1st a new law took effect in New York State automatically adding supplemental spousal liability insurance for ALL drivers.

You can of course opt out of this by putting it in writing to your insurance company – but if you are married you should understand what supplemental spousal liability insurance is, and what it covers.

What is Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance?

Supplemental spousal liability insurance allows one spouse to sue the other spouse if they are injured in an automobile accident. There are a few caveats before this coverage would be able to kick in. First, you need to prove your spouse is responsible for the accident and that accident caused your injuries.

Should I really be suing my spouse?

You aren’t technically suing them personally; you are using your insurance company the same way you would sue someone else’s insurance company if they caused an accident that injured you.

What happens if I opt out?

If you opt out of this insurance coverage, which you absolutely can, you need to provide a letter to your insurance company stating that you are dropping this piece of coverage.

Do I really need Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance?

This is coverage you should NOT opt out of. In the event you are severely injured, and your spouse happens to be driving the vehicle, this coverage protects you. It does not mean you are personally going after your spouse – it is covered by insurance.

If you have questions about insurance coverage or you have been in an accident, call us.

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