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Uber Accidents

Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have raised new questions for car accident litigation: who is liable? In New York City, the Taxi and Limousine Commission regulates Uber.  Drivers and their vehicles are subject to the same background check and inspections as any other taxi or car service providers. Nassau and Suffolk T&LC do not hold ride-share drivers to the same standard as taxis.

If You Have Been Involved in a Car Accident While a Passenger in an Uber or Lyft Vehicle, You Need to Know your Rights

Uber, Lyft, and similar apps, as well as insurance companies, have one central goal: to maximize profits. They want to avoid paying out insurance policies and compensation whenever possible. Insurance companies will do everything they can to fight claims made against them.


​To fight these big companies and get the compensation you deserve, you need a personal injury lawyer who

understands your rights and will fight for them with the same level of expertise.

As technology companies, Uber, Lyft, and other ride-share applications are not subject to the same regulations as transportation services. As drivers of private cars, we are typically held liable if we are negligent and cause an accident.

Drivers Need to have the Proper Insurance Coverage

Uber carries a significant, $1 million insurance policy with various rules for drivers, passengers, and third parties. The coverage depends on the driver’s availability status and actions at the time of the accident.

Driver Has “Not Available” Status - ​If an Uber driver is using their vehicle for personal purposes and is not available to pick up passengers, only their private insurance policy and New York state law will apply—Uber claims no responsibility.

  • Driver Available, but not Carrying Passengers - ​If the driver is available to pick up passengers but isn’t carrying anyone when they get in an accident, the driver must rely on their personal automobile insurance.  If there are no passengers in the vehicle, Uber insurance may supplement the driver’s insurance if the insurance does not meet minimum requirements.  The driver’s insurance will cover most of the damages.  Legal Assistance from our office can help you take advantage of this coverage, which is only available upon request, and only if the driver’s private insurance doesn’t provide adequate coverage.​

  • Driver Available and Carrying Passengers - ​If the Uber driver is carrying an Uber passenger and gets into an accident, the passengers, the driver, and any injured third parties are all covered under Uber’s $1 million liability policy. If the driver is uninsured, Uber has a separate insurance policy for these damages as well.​​

  • ​​​​​​​​​Uber Insurance Carriers Attempt to Deny Every Claim - ​Uber’s adoption of a broad insurance policy seems reassuring, but its insurance carrier denies most claims.  In most cases where the Uber driver is at fault, such as driving under the influence or being distracted, or speeding, Uber’s insurance carrier will claim the accident is the fault of the driver and attempt to deny the claim.

Contact the Law Offices of Stern and Stern

Car Accidents represent a significant part of our practice. Uber accidents are becoming more common as more people sign up to be Uber drivers.  We represent the people of Freeport and the surrounding areas, such as Uniondale and Roosevelt in all car accident cases, including accidents involving an Uber.  Call the Law Office of Stern and Stern at 516-634-0345.

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