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bicycle accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Understanding Bicycle Accidents 

In the scenic locale of Long Island, bicycling is not only a cherished pastime but a vital means of transportation for many. From the health enthusiasts to the professional messengers in the Freeport area, bicycles are integral to daily life. However, this reliance on bicycles brings with it a risk of accidents, often occurring at bustling intersections or amidst stop signs and traffic lights.

Intersections and Right of Way: Key Factors in Bicycle Accidents 

A large number of bicycle accidents occur at intersections. These spaces become dangerous when stop signs or traffic lights don't require vehicles to halt from all directions. For instance, if a bicyclist stops at a sign but an approaching vehicle doesn't have to, the bicyclist might move ahead, leaving the driver with little time to react. The law recognizes bicycles as vehicles, making it essential for cyclists and drivers to respect each other's right of way.

The Dangers of Parked Cars in Bicycle Accidents 

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Another peril for bicyclists arises when passengers or drivers in parked cars open their doors without checking for incoming bicycles. In such instances, cyclists may not have enough time to evade the sudden obstruction, leading to collisions. Here, the responsibility lies with the vehicle occupants to ensure it is safe before opening their doors.

Personal Injury Cases and Bicycle Accidents: Role of Negligence and Substantial Factor 

Negligence plays a pivotal role in personal injury cases arising from bicycle accidents. Defined as acting differently from how a reasonable person would under similar circumstances, negligence is a core consideration in such cases. Also critical is the concept of "proximate cause" or "substantial factor," which probes whether the negligence was a significant factor in the injury. This consideration extends to the injured party as well, questioning if their negligence contributed to the accident.

Responsibilities of the Bicyclist 

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Considering the potentially severe consequences of bicycle accidents, it's vital for bicyclists to adhere to local traffic laws and prioritize safety. This includes wearing helmets, respecting traffic signs, and always riding in the direction of traffic. Cyclists riding against traffic make it difficult for drivers to spot them, leading to dangerous situations with potentially dire consequences.

The Importance of Legal Support Following Bicycle Accidents 

Bicycle accidents often result in severe physical and emotional trauma. As victims focus on recovery, the legal complexities involved in securing compensation can become overwhelming. This is where professional legal support becomes invaluable. A proficient attorney can help unravel the intricacies of negligence, right of way, and substantial factor in the context of your specific accident. They can guide you in gathering crucial evidence, filing a timely claim, and navigating negotiations or court procedures. With expert legal support, you can strive for a fair settlement, ensuring your medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs are adequately covered.

Contact the Law Office of Stern and Stern for Bicycle Accident Cases 

If you've suffered from a bicycle accident, it's crucial to consult a personal injury attorney experienced in handling such cases. Call us at the Law Office of Stern and Stern at 516-634-0345 for a free, no-risk consultation. Operating on a contingency basis, we don't charge unless we secure a settlement or a verdict award in your favor.

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