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Truck Accidents

​Trucks pose a greater danger than average vehicles and cause more severe injuries than a typical car accident. Trucks are larger and heavier. They take more time to get up to speed and more time to slow down. Trucks are not as agile as cars or motorcycles, so they cannot turn, change lanes, or avoid an obstacle as quickly as smaller and lighter vehicles. A Tractor-trailer accident can be devastating to its victims.

Truck Accidents Are More Complex Than Standard Vehicle Accidents

Personal injury cases involving a trucking accident often involve severe injuries to drivers and passengers in cars or SUVs. For pedestrians or motorcycle riders, injuries can be catastrophic or fatal.

At Stern and Stern, Truck Accident Attorney Jordan Stern represents truck accident victims whose injuries are the result of another person's negligence. In addition, Jordan Stern will take on a trucking company's insurance company to receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

Unlike a typical motor vehicle accident, state and federal regulations dictate trucking operations and truck drivers. Commercial truck drivers may only drive for a certain number of hours per day and week. They must keep a detailed log of their hours and schedule. In addition, trucks must be appropriately licensed and inspected regularly to ensure their safety.

Trucking Operations are Regulated at Every Level of Government

Unfortunately, unrealistic schedules, the pressure to complete a trip on time, and a desire to save money often lead to drivers who are overworked and fatigued driving trucks that are not adequately maintained.

Multiple liable parties may be held liable for your truck accident injuries, including:

  • Truck driver

  • Trucking company

  • Truck manufacturer

  • The driver of another vehicle that was responsible for the truck accident


At the Law Offices of Stern and Stern, experienced truck accident lawyer Jordan Stern will evaluate the evidence to determine which parties are liable for your damages. In some cases, there may be several liable parties. We follow the evidence and bring the facts of your case to light to get you the compensation you deserve for your truck accident-related injury.

Contact the Law Offices of Stern and Stern

The time of an injury is frightening. You are concerned about how you will pay your medical bills and how you are going to pay your rent or mortgage. In addition, you may be worried about how you are going to provide for your family.

​Call our office for a free consultation. We work on a contingency basis. Contingency means we only get paid if we secure a settlement or receive a favorable verdict and award from a jury on your truck accident case. There is never any risk to you. Call our office at 516-634-0345.

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