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If you live in the Freeport area and have suffered an injury, call the Law Office of Stern and Stern. Whether your injuries took place during a car accident, a slip and fall, or because of another party's negligence, our team will be able to offer the assistance you need. It is our job to protect your interests and make sure you have all the necessary information. Information is vital to making the decision that is best for you.

The Service You Expect


When you turn to the Stern and Stern Law Firm for help, you get a comforting ear to hear your problems and concerns. With our legal experience, we will assist in making things right. As an attorney and counselor, it is our fiduciary responsibility to provide you the highest level of service and fight for your best interests.


Everything we do is with you in mind and to make your representation convenient and effective for you. Our team will keep you informed and offer guidance based on our extensive experience to help you make the right decision for your case and your circumstance.

Breaking the Language Barriers


Since a large part of the population of Freeport and the surrounding areas speaks Spanish as the primary language in the home, we have several staff members who are Spanish speaking. Being a bi-lingual office allows our team to assist more people in the area to receive and make decisions regarding the offers of settlement that you might receive from the offending party. 


Regardless of your primary language, call the Law Office of Stern and Stern for a free consultation. Whether you speak Spanish or English, our goal is to make you feel as welcome as possible so you can begin to work toward a resolution of your case.

We Seek the Highest Possible Compensation For Your Injury


The insurance companies have expensive big city attorneys working for them. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed. At the Law Office of Stern and Stern, we have the experience to go up against the high-priced law firms to fight for the settlement you deserve. We realize your goal is to work toward healing to get your life back on track. We will help you recover the damages you need to fulfill your goals, make sure your family is taken care of, and focus on your recovery.

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Call the Law Office of Stern and Stern.  We have been a part of your community for over ten years.  Our primary mission is to protect the rights of the people of Freeport, Baldwin, Roosevelt, and the surrounding areas.  Call our office today at 516-634-0345.

49 W Merrick Rd, Freeport, NY 11520, USA  |  Tel: 516-634-0345