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Supplemental Spousal Liability: Why You Need This Before You Get Back in The Car

There are many risks when you get into a car, but did you know that you could be taking a serious risk every time you get into a car with your spouse? Why? Because most people don’t have Supplemental Spousal Liability insurance and don’t even know what it is.

Most of us assume if we have car insurance, it covers all the passengers in the vehicle for any injuries sustained if we are at fault for the accident. Unfortunately, in New York State, that’s not the case. Crazy as it seems, any other passenger could sue you, and your insurance company would defend you and pay the claims. Here in New York, however, your spouse will only collect the small amount covered under no-fault unless you have Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance.

So, what does Supplement Spousal Liability Insurance do? It provides your spouse with the same coverage that your insurance provides to any other occupant of your vehicle or any other vehicle involved in an accident where you are at fault. To many, this may seem like you are trying to sue your spouse, but in reality, all you are doing is getting the compensation they are entitled to for injuries sustained in the accident. You pay a premium for insurance, and it is there to protect you and your spouse in a circumstance just like this.

Adding Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance to your coverage is something every married person should do, and it’s a relatively inexpensive addition that could provide you with a much-needed income if the time should ever arise.

I have this coverage, and I strongly encourage you to look into this for yourselves.

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