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Involved in a Car Accident…Now What?

Getting into a motor vehicle accident can be terrifying, even a minor one. With the number of cars, trucks, and motorcycles on the road in New York, there are hundreds of accidents every day, most of which are preventable. If you have been in an accident there are several steps you need to take.

Call The Police and Get Help

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and can call the police, make that call immediately. On Long Island, the police will respond to the call, but in New York City, the police will only respond if you need an ambulance or your vehicle towed. Regardless of your location, it is important for your insurance company to have that call on record. Make sure to let the police know if you or someone else is injured and requires medical attention. If you cannot make the call, ask someone else to dial 911.

Exchange Information

By law, you are required to exchange insurance information with all drivers who were involved in the accident. You should get names, addresses, phone numbers, drivers license ID numbers, and insurance company information. You should provide all this information to the other driver as well.


If there were any witnesses who saw the accident happen, it is important to get information from them. You should ask for, at the very least, their name and phone number. The police and your insurance company will most likely want to get a statement from them.

Take Pictures

Thanks to the capability of cell phones, we can now take pictures of an accident scene immediately. It is important to get your car to a safe location before you take these pictures. Your insurance company will want pictures of your car as well as the other vehicles involved in the accident.

Call Your Insurance Company

After you have gotten all the information from the other parties involved in the accident, it is critical that you contact your insurance company. They will take over the process from here and deal with the insurance companies of the other drivers.

Get In Touch With A Personal Injury Attorney

The last step, and the one which could be the most important, is to contact a personal injury attorney. Your accident could cause you pain and suffering, loss of wages, and hefty medical bills. An attorney takes care of getting all the red tape taken care of so you can focus on you. We are always here if you have questions, and remember, it costs nothing for you to speak with a personal injury attorney. We all work on contingency fees which we don’t get paid unless you receive a recovery.

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