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Sharing The Road Safely with Motorcyclists

Sharing the road with any vehicle always presents challenges, but even more so with motorcycles.

The onus is not solely on motorcyclists to drive safely, but for all motorists to understand the challenges faced by drivers and riders alike.

Motorcyclists are faced with challenges such as the size of their bike compared to other vehicles on the road, and their ability to be easily seen by other drivers. The size of their bikes causes motorcyclists to end up in driver’s blind spot making for potentially dangerous situations when changing lanes.

Drivers also need to make sure they leave enough room between their vehicle and a motorcycle. Hazards such as wet pavements, potholes, railroad crossings or even the seams in the pavement can cause a motorcyclist to need to change lanes, downshift, or reduce or increase their speed without much warning.

Other basic safe driving habits can also greatly reduce the risk of accidents and serious injuries to motorcyclists, such as making sure you have an unobstructed view of all intersections, maintaining a safe speed as you enter and exit major roadways, and signaling before you change lanes.

Practicing safe riding and driving habits can greatly reduce the number of injuries and deadly crashes involving motorcycles on our roadways.

If you are involved in or injured in an accident, call us. Our consultations are free, but your peace of mind is priceless.

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