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Contingency Fees Provide Everyone, Rich or Poor, Equal Access to Legal Representation

No one saves money for attorney fees. Most of us hope we will never need an attorney, but after something like car accident or a slip and fall, you will most likely need representation. When it comes to personal injury attorneys, we all have the same fee arrangement called a contingency fee, which gives you the ability to have legal representation without needing to have the money to pay right away.

A contingency fee is a payment structure where your attorney only gets paid if you win your case and receive a recovery. If you do not win, your lawyer does not get paid. This means you do not have any out-of-pocket or up-front costs for your attorney’s services while he or she is litigating your case. The “fee” your attorney receives is a percentage of your total settlement, should you receive one, not a fixed amount. In New York, the maximum an attorney can receive is 33.3% of the settlement or court judgment.

A contingency fee arrangement works in the best interest of you and your attorney because your interests are aligned – you are both seeking the most for your recovery. The more your attorney recovers in damages the more he or she gets paid, and so do you. That is a big incentive for your attorney to maximize recovery.

The one thing you should never be afraid of is reaching out to an attorney. We are here to help guide you through the process should you or a loved one unfortunately be involved in an accident. If we do not think you have a case or can recover damages, we will let you know. Our consultations are free, and remember, we work on a contingency basis.

Call us anytime with questions.

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